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Everest, Sagarmatha or Chomolungma?

7 June 2013

EverestAlpenglow on Everest

A day in Kathmandu

A day in Kathmandu

Yesterday I was in my favourite Mandap hotel café in Kathmandu, enjoying my usual double shot cappuccino and reading morning paper, when I came across editorial opinion in Kathmandu Post by Deepak Thapa titled ’Everest by any other name’.  I was surprised to discover the history behind naming of Everest and at the same time my own ignorance. As climber myself who climbed number of peaks in Nepal including Lhotse (8500m) and Cho Oyu (8201m) I was taken for a ride by a propaganda boasting that peak XV, found to be the highest peak in the world as result of Great British Trigonometric Survey of India, was named Everest from shear arrogance of British Surveyor General Office disregarding Nepali and Tibetan names. This is as far from the historical facts as it can be and the facts are lost to general population. So let me correct that. Continue reading