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Ice Axe Self Arrest

A slip in winter can result in you hurtling down a slope very quickly, possibly with disastrous consequences. This film shows how the ice axe can be used to bring you to a stop should you slip – a potential life saver.

Bollard Rapel

  • The bollard should be horseshoe-shaped, and not tear-shaped, to keep as much snow in the anchor as possible.
  • The bollard can be padded with cardboard, clothing or ice-axes to stop the rope cutting through snow.
  • If it is used as an absail anchor, the ice axes and padding can be removed when the last person absails.
  • Abseiling from a Snow Bollard

Rider on IMA Upper Mustang Bike Ride

A Matter of Age

Does elixir of youth exist? It has been an eternal question and quest for many rich and powerful people. Emperors, kings, queens, cult leaders. Despots murdered, mimed and tortured many people in search for that illusive vanity in the rage of greed and desperation. Continue reading


Physical body intelligence a pathway to Sustainable Youthfulness

“The overwhelming majority are biologically in their mid-40s or younger, but there are a handful of cases who are in pretty bad shape. In the future, we’ll come to learn about the different lives that fast and slow ageing people have lived,” said Prof Daniel Belsky at Duke University in North Carolina.

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