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Loneliness is bad for you, reported by a study, but is it a reality?

The fact, that meaningful socializing with loved once and friends improve long-term health and may reduce risk of cognitive decline has been known for long time. On the other hand, loneliness is linked to high blood pressure, inflammation and a weakened immune system.
So, How Friends Make You Healthier? It is both chemical and psychological, after all human animal is very complex chemical system. Continue reading

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Are you over 35? You are Probably Aging your Body Unnecessarily

There are no shortcuts to success but one can be smart about it, and follow successful people, they made all the mistakes before. One just needs to copy behavioural principles of successful professional, and try to implement their approach to a personal situation and not just mimic them. No idea is original but rather is a combination or an improved version of an old idea. Continue reading

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What is climbing, confusion explained

There are many different activities described as climbing, hill walking and mountaineering. Many are outdoors activities whilst others take place on indoor climbing walls. Some activities are, usually, carried out with ropes to help manage the risks, whilst others, such as bouldering and hill walking, are invariably done without ropes. Continue reading