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Sherpa patients, heppiness, lessons to learn

Himalayan Climbing-A Sense of Transcendental Meditation

Be patient and open to the journey as well as the destination.

“We in the West tend to want quick fix and quick gain. But trekking in the Himalayas takes a different mindset, an almost transcendental state while hiking or climbing.”

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Uniqueness of Life

How to Train for Himalayan Climb

Why High Altitude Himalayan Climb?

High altitude Himalayan climb involves elevations from 6000m to 8848m, the ultimate summit of Everest. Only 2848m difference in altitude but the level of preparations, climbing times, physical effort and success rate are in the order of magnitude different.

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climbing Chulu East

Sugar isn’t evil, if you can defend yourself

It would be difficult 10 or maybe even 5 years ago to release ‘The Sugar’ movie due to the pressure from the sugar industry. Today it is so much easier for independent people to raise the issues of unethical behaviour and corruption of big industrial players after Tabaco industry interests have been discredited by genuine science, combating for decades hired highly paid and resourced apologist scientists.

It is amazing and terrifying how profoundly it affects all of us.

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