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12 Important Things in Personal Life


In response to the Oracle of Delphi, declaring him the wisest man on earth, Socrates replied:

“I know one thing: that I know nothing.”

It has always puzzled me, what it actually means. It is a strange paradox to hear from wise, well-educated man such a self-deprecating statement. Socrates was too wise to engage in self-deprecation, he knew his value to society, his position and knowledge. What he meant was that the knowledge and wisdom are endless, so even the wisest man can and should learn from others. The open mind is the sign of a wise and experienced man, who learns from others mistakes in preference to learning from his own.

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High Altitude Himalayan Bike Ride

How can High Altitude Adventure improve Brain Plasticity?

According to the latest Neurological science discovery we don’t have to lose ability to maintain brain plasticity with age. We gain experience and fill the brain with knowledge through fixed neural connections and get very comfortable with it. However if challenged physically and visually, and getting out of comfort zone, we can stimulate a restructure of neural connections and the brain plasticity.

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