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Rafal Majka wins stage 11 Tour de France 2016

King of the Mountains-Rafal Majka

By Tony Olejnicki

Rafal Majka 25 years old Polish rider is undoubtedly 2016 Tour’s King of the Mountains. The pro since 201, he is a very durable climber and stage racer with his favourite races Tour de France and  Vuelta a España

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High Altitude Himalayan Bike Ride

How can High Altitude Adventure improve Brain Plasticity?

According to the latest Neurological science discovery we don’t have to lose ability to maintain brain plasticity with age. We gain experience and fill the brain with knowledge through fixed neural connections and get very comfortable with it. However if challenged physically and visually, and getting out of comfort zone, we can stimulate a restructure of neural connections and the brain plasticity.

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KIhumbu_Icefall-079 -01

What is climbing, confusion explained

There are many different activities described as climbing, hill walking and mountaineering. Many are outdoors activities whilst others take place on indoor climbing walls. Some activities are, usually, carried out with ropes to help manage the risks, whilst others, such as bouldering and hill walking, are invariably done without ropes. Continue reading

Rider on IMA Upper Mustang Bike Ride

A Matter of Age

Does elixir of youth exist? It has been an eternal question and quest for many rich and powerful people. Emperors, kings, queens, cult leaders. Despots murdered, mimed and tortured many people in search for that illusive vanity in the rage of greed and desperation. Continue reading


Physical body intelligence a pathway to Sustainable Youthfulness

“The overwhelming majority are biologically in their mid-40s or younger, but there are a handful of cases who are in pretty bad shape. In the future, we’ll come to learn about the different lives that fast and slow ageing people have lived,” said Prof Daniel Belsky at Duke University in North Carolina.

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Fun Ride

High Altitude Adventure And Your Sex Life


Climbing Everest

Climbing Everest

Being an avid listener to Science Show on ABC Radio and Sceptics Guide to Galaxy Podcast among others science shows gives me an interesting and innovative bird eye view on current status of science discoveries. I trust their research and do not hesitate to accept it as a proven fact. They are open source peer reviewed and unashamed to correct any mistakes. Continue reading