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How Office Work Effects you?


Do you know how many people in your business enjoy coming to work and spending 8 hours in the office?…

Statistically only 20%. Imagine productivity improvements if that changed to 80%. Scientific experiments and studies demonstrate that this is easily achievable.

So, what is wrong with office work?

After all, office conditions are generally comfortable: air condition, comfortable chair, ergonomic setup. It should be easy to work through 8 hours. The problem is the comfortable office chair encourages immobility.
Immobility leads to muscle atrophy, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and diabetes. High cholesterol is triggered by sitting, causing heart disease. These are real and unavoidable consequences of motionless sitting leading to lower life expectancy. Statistically, 50% of office workers will succumb to one or more sedentary diseases before they retire.

I understand that because I was there. I experienced high blood pressure and high cholesterol level despite doing all the right things. I always exercised 1 hour a day and cooked nutritious meals at home. I went through many tests, many doctors and cardiologists to no avail. I was told it is genetic and nothing can be done about it, short of medications. I tried that also.

I quit a good engineering job not because it was boring, but I was concerned about my health. I started the adventure company training corporate clients for a high altitude climb as a personal challenge. It made me happier but I still struggled with an excessive blood pressure and cholesterol every time I returned from the Himalayas back to Australia.

I came across a book by James Levine ‘Get Up’. This prompted me to follow research by the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Marc Hamilton, about sitting effects on the human body. Sitting is detrimental to the human health; in a way it is worse than cigarette smoking, and kills more people than HIV. We all have the opportunity to change that, otherwise, we will break our health system with the cost of sedentary diseases. Most will also develop a poor Quality Lifestyle starting in the 50’s and be continuing through to retirement.

Would you like to retire with a sedentary condition, diabetes or heart disease?…

Finally, I understood the reason for my condition and took action. I applied the research results to my case using a system engineering approach. Just changing to a mobile working environment, my blood pressure plummeted from 180/90 to 130/70 within 3 weeks. My LDL (“bad” cholesterol), as well as my triglyceride level, tested after 3 months, is now in a normal range. All that without any medications. So a correctly applied system engineering works.

I applied my system engineering approach and the exercise physiology to the high altitude training to develop Quality Lifestyle (QLS) program for office workers.

The purpose of the QLS program is to help office-based employees switch to a mobility working environment. This, in turn, will lead not only to a better health and quality lifestyle but more importantly it brings measurable productivity improvements for the business.

Did you know that every hour of motionless sitting in a chair lowers your life expectancy by 22 minutes?

An average office worker in western countries spends 8 hours sitting at work, 2 hours sitting while commuting and 2 hours at home staring at TV set or PC screen.

In Europe, the majority of people over 50, take on average 6 different medications a day to combat sedentary conditions.

Can you calculate your life expectancy over 30 years of work? Unsure? CLICK Here for the answer.

Tony Olejnicki – an engineer, writer, motivator and exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude training – is the creator of IMA (Infinite Mountain Adventure), an inspirational company helping professional working in an office environment to improve life quality and experience a motivational Himalayan adventure.

Ride to Lake Tilicho

Annapurna Circuit Himalayan Bike Ride a taste of high altitude endurance

Full Annapurna Circuit mountain bike ride is a very physical level adventure, which will raise your metabolism to levels you can rarely experience, the best possible gift one can offer to their body and mind. It is an adventure for experienced and fit mountain bike rider, however there is a way of combing trekking on the way up and a tremendous 3000m downhill.

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Amazingly skilled Tibetan horseman

Enchantment of Tibetan kingdom of Lo

By Tony Olejnicki

Thinking Himalayas? Think Tibet, it is so different and unusual but so difficult to explore in genuine way because Tibet is in such a peril due to decades-long struggle for independence.
I was in Tibet few years ago climbing Cho Oyu, close to the pass where previous year many Tibetan refugees were shot by Chinese soldiers while trying to escape to Nepal. It was really sad and poignant being there and speaking to these people still in horror of the event. When I asked the owner of local Tibetan restaurants, set-up in the tent in Chinese Basecamp, why she has a portrait of local Lama and not Dalai Lama, she showed me a gesture of slapping her face and pointing on Chinese soldiers. There were no words necessary.

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12 Important Things in Personal Life


In response to the Oracle of Delphi, declaring him the wisest man on earth, Socrates replied:

“I know one thing: that I know nothing.”

It has always puzzled me, what it actually means. It is a strange paradox to hear from wise, well-educated man such a self-deprecating statement. Socrates was too wise to engage in self-deprecation, he knew his value to society, his position and knowledge. What he meant was that the knowledge and wisdom are endless, so even the wisest man can and should learn from others. The open mind is the sign of a wise and experienced man, who learns from others mistakes in preference to learning from his own.

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Sherpa patients, heppiness, lessons to learn

Himalayan Climbing-A Sense of Transcendental Meditation

Be patient and open to the journey as well as the destination.

“We in the West tend to want quick fix and quick gain. But trekking in the Himalayas takes a different mindset, an almost transcendental state while hiking or climbing.”

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climbing Chulu East

Sugar isn’t evil, if you can defend yourself

It would be difficult 10 or maybe even 5 years ago to release ‘The Sugar’ movie due to the pressure from the sugar industry. Today it is so much easier for independent people to raise the issues of unethical behaviour and corruption of big industrial players after Tabaco industry interests have been discredited by genuine science, combating for decades hired highly paid and resourced apologist scientists.

It is amazing and terrifying how profoundly it affects all of us.

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wind turbine saves environment

How can Environment win over Greed?

In less than 10 years, Uruguay has slashed its carbon footprint without government subsidies or higher consumer costs, according to the national director of energy, Ramón Méndez.

Renewables provide 94.5% of the country’s electricity, prices are lower than in the past relative to inflation. There are also fewer power cuts because a diverse energy mix means greater resilience to droughts, which also increase GDP by 2%. Continue reading