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Everest Base Camp

How I Kicked my High Blood Pressure without Doctors

By TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

My story starts in the office with a high blood pressure and ends up at the highest summits in the Himalayas with a normal blood pressure.

So what helped me to kick the high blood pressure? Is is a magic property of a high altitude?

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IMA Everest basecamp trek

Why and How the Everest Base Camp Trek?

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a very dangerous symptom associated with the high altitude. The cause of it is very well understood and the treatment is 100% effective if executed timely but, if neglected it can lead to death. So why do tourists die not only on Everest climb at 8848m but merely hiking to the Everest Base Camp at 5300m? As an experienced exercise physiologist and operator of Himalayan climbs and bike rides, I have asked myself this question every time I hear another pointless death. So, how to make the Everest base Camp trek safe and enjoyable?
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Are you training for a Marathon? – Consider the High Altitude Training

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

Why is high altitude so useful and beneficial to the Marathon training and similar endurance compositions? Good Question. What can be good about a harsh environment, where some people experience Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)?
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Upper Mustang Ride

Himalayan Adventure an Innovative Passport to a Better Life

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

The ups and downs of the job and the stress from competitive pressure are manageable in short-term and even beneficial to stimulate the mind. With an increased pressure to ‘perform’ the answer is in an increase of the productivity.

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Quality Lifestyle for Office Worker

by TONY OLEJNICKI inspired by Dr James Levine – ‘Just Stand Up’

Consider your sitting day, typically 8-10 hours for most of people in developed World.

Do you develop sluggishness of the brain and wandering thoughts after a couple of hours in your office chair?

Most office workers do, no matter how much energy that you bring to the office at the beginning of the day.
You may have noticed that even a very cheerful and busy office becomes quiet a couple of hours in to a working day. On the surface everybody is busy focusing on the computer screen. But are they?

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Rafal Majka wins stage 11 Tour de France 2016

King of the Mountains-Rafal Majka

By Tony Olejnicki

Rafal Majka 25 years old Polish rider is undoubtedly 2016 Tour’s King of the Mountains. The pro since 201, he is a very durable climber and stage racer with his favourite races Tour de France and  Vuelta a España

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Biggest Loser

The Biggest Winner – Escape to Reality

by TONY OLEJNICKI | Creator of the QLS Program

Contestants of the “The Biggest Loser” reality show lost tons of weight to regained it with the vengeance. It is a valuable life lesson for all of us struggling in personal and professional endeavors, and not only with the game of weight gain and loss.
Taking on a personal challenge to get out of comfort zone is an enriching and a necessary experience of a meaningful life for any office worker strapped motionlessly to the chair. Why is the Himalayan high altitude adventure a perfect life-saving solution?

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Creativity Physical Visual Challenge

What Being Professional and Creative Have in Common?

by TONY OLEJNICKI inspired by Austin Kleon ‘Steal Like an Artist’

The answer to this simple question is a complex one but extremely important for professional success.

Being professional means doing your job well with as few mistakes as possible. Being bounded by company procedures one doesn’t necessary have to be creative. In fact creativity may hinder your work efficiency. So on the surface it seems that professionalism and creativity don’t mix well.

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