"Adventure Holiday in Nepal for Busy Professionals"


  • QLS-Corporate
  • QLS-Personal

From Zero To Hero

Health, Fitness and Life Satisfaction specifically tailored for the professional working in an office environment.

"It is all about your Health, Fitness, Quality Lifestyle and Life Adventure specifically tailored for professional working in a static office environment."

Designed by an exercise physiologist specializing in high altitude training, to help IMA (Infinite Mountain Adventure) clients to prepare for Himalayan High Altitude Adventure.

Did you know that every hour of motionless sitting in a chair lowers your life expectancy by 22 minutes?

An average office worker in western countries spends 8 hour sitting at work, 2 hours sitting while commuting and 2 hours at home staring at TV set or PC screen.

Is that YOU?

Most people can change that in 3 months. Quality Lifestyle (QLS) Program is designed to transition you from Zero to Hero in 12 weeks.

QLS Program helps people to become:



more ENERGETIC and

ENJOYING LIFE and WORK environment

In turn fewer sick days and more creative energy to enjoy life.

This program is simple and cost-efficient to implement. It is accessible to a majority of employees and doesn’t involve any strenuous exercises.

It is included and complementary with IMA Adventures


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The QLS Program includes:

  • An Introductory Workshop
  • Setting Individual QLS Goals
  • 3 Months Coaching, Monitoring and Feedback for each participant
  • Support after completion of the QLS Program
  • An exciting adventure
  • QLS
  • Benefits
  • The Program
  • Outcomes

The Quality Lifestyle (QLS) is a universal value:

It's a way of active working and living and being comfortable

Improving fitness, productivity and creativity

The ultimate prize - healthy longevity

Benefits of QLS training for High Altitude Adventure:

Improved Motivation

Setting your personal micro, mini and long-term goals

Being consistent and content with personal life

Having fulfilling professional life

Simplifying your lifestyle

Increased level of endurance for Himalayan adventure

"Everybody wants to be healthy, fit and full of energy. The physical wellbeing is the answer to your mental wellbeing, your confidence and professional performance"

3-Stage Program for IMA High Altitude adventure clients includes:

Physical Preparation for climbing, trekking ‘boot camp’ or biking adventure.

The high altitude Himalayan adventure.

Post Adventure Continuation Program.

By participating in the program you will:

Become FIT to experience incredible Himalayan visual, cultural and physical adventure.

Receive METABOLIC BOOST during the adventure.

Return ENERGIZED from the high altitude physical and visual experience

Become MOTIVATED to continue with your life quality.

Lose weight and stabilize it at a healthy level.

Quality Lifestyle Program